Digital Agriculture Forum Webinar
 5-6 Dec. 2020


Welcome to the Digital Agriculture Forum, co-organized by FAO, the Zhejiang University and National Agricultural Science and Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Alliance of China on 5-6 Dec. 2020, aiming to foster an enabling ecosystem to accelerate the digital transformation of agri-food system through leveraging on innovative digital solutions and business models and enhancing knowledge exchanges in digital agriculture policies and practices.

Global AgriInno Pitch Event
5 Dec. Sat. | 19:00-22:10 hours | UTC+8:00 (Beijing Time)

12 start-up champions selected out of 172 applications from 35 countries worldwide will pitch their e-commerce solutions to address the challenge of the distribution and sales of agricultural products in front of an international jury.
The international jury and the speakers are from FAO, the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development (CTA), Wageningen University, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Zhejiang University and Pinduoduo.

Digital Agriculture and Rural Development Forum
6 Dec. Sun. | 09:00-12:00 hours | UTC+8:00 (Beijing Time)

The Forum will address new opportunities and challenges for agricultural and rural development under the epidemic and best practices of digital village. Speakers are from FAO, Zhejiang University, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, Alibaba Group, National Agricultural Science and Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Alliance of China, etc.

Digital Agriculture Dialogue
6 Dec. Sun. | 15:30-19:30 hours | UTC+8:00 (Beijing Time)

The Dialogue will address digital transformation of the agri-food system through policymaking, technology and international cooperation. Speakers are from FAO, AfDB, the World Bank, UNDP, ITU, GODAN, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Wageningen University and Research, Zhejiang University, Top Cloud-Agri Technology Co.Ltd, etc.

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Webinar languages: English and Chinese. Simultaneous interpretation is available.

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